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By using the Website you consent to the use and processing of your personal information provided by you or collected through the Website in the manner and for the purposes set out in the Privacy Policy.

What information the Website collects about you

Like most web sites, there is certain information that is automatically tracked by the internet service provider, including the website you just came from, which website you go to next, the browser you are using and any searches you have done. This information is used for internal purposes to monitor activity on the Website only and kept in a form that does not identify individuals and is deleted after three months.

If you e-mail us with any queries we will ask you for your name, telephone number and e-mail address. This will allow us to answer your query and the details will be deleted from our system. Your e-mail containing your details will be kept for as long as is necessary for us to deal with your query and deleted after we have done so.

Although we put security procedures in place to keep your information secure, you are advised to remember that the Internet is not always a secure medium. If you are unsure about submitting any information to us please contact us via the website by telephone or fax or post instead.

What Hull City 5's does with the information gathered

If you specify to us when you submit your details that you wish us to do so, we may from time to time use the details you supply about yourself, (for example, your e-mail address), to send you newsletters and other information about our services which we think might be of interest to you. You will be given the opportunity to choose not to receive any further information from us each time we send this information to you.

You may at any time request a copy of the information we hold on you (for which we may charge a small fee) by writing to us at the above address.

With whom Hull City 5's shares the information collected

Hull City 5's reserves the right to pass any or all of your personal information to the police or any other relevant body for the purposes of crime detection or prevention or for any purpose associated with your misuse, or suspected misuse, of the Website or in relation to any legal proceedings or prospective legal proceedings.

Security Procedures

Hull City 5's has used all reasonable endeavours to put in place appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure the information you provide is secure. The Website benefits from a range of securities offered by the host which include a fire wall and regular backups.

By using the Website you acknowledge and expressly agree that from time to time the Website may be hosted outside the EEA and therefore your personal data collected through your use of the Website may be processed outside the EEA where the levels of protection for your personal data may not be equivalent to those within the EEA.

Hull City 5's policy on correcting and updating personal information

At any time you may request that your personal information is removed from Hull City 5's records. You may also update your contact information at any time.

Hull City 5's may contact you by telephone, email or direct mail where appropriate periodically to check that the information held about you is up to date. This is necessary to ensure Hull City 5's compliance with its obligations under data protection legislation.

If you would like to remove all your details from Hull City 5's records, simply send a written request by email to Hull City 5's and put "remove details" in the subject line. Hull City 5's will reply by email to confirm that your details have been removed or if that is not possible, the reasons for not doing so. Hull City 5's aims to ensure that all removal requests are dealt with within 48 hours of receipt of such request. However, Hull City 5's shall not be liable to you should this 48 hour target fail to be achieved.

Removal of your details from Hull City 5's records may prevent Hull City 5's from providing services to you. If you have any queries about the effect removing your details may have please contact Hull City 5's.

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